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Re: choosing database server for websites

"Ken" == Ken  <webweaver@rmci.net> writes:

Ken>  Never used Postgresql, so cannot comment about it.  I like MySQL

We use it here, and its nice and reliable.  Maybe not as fast as
MySQL, but server-side Java is involved anyway so it doesn't have to
be.  :-)

Basically mysql is great for raw speed, postgresql when you need
complicated sites with transactions or PL/SQL like scripting.  Both
are free -- Debian got them to cough up a GPL mysql-server, but
hasn't packaged it yet.  :-)

Ken> list is friendly and helpful.  And of course MySQL integrates
Ken> nicely w/ Apache and PHP3.  Also, Postfix supports MySQL based
Ken> ironed out...)  I don't know if the same can be said for postgresql.

I'll have postgresql support added to ProFTPD soon (I wrote the MySQL
support).  And probably write something for postfix next.

I added a postgresql auth module to Apache itself this July, but it
probably isn't well documented.  Yet another thing to do before
freeze.  Not sure how PHP3 is doing.


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