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Re: choosing database server for websites

At 01:50 AM 9/25/99 -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
>I am trying to make a choice between postgresql and mysql for running on
>my webserver for database interactive websites.
>Or should I run both? (Or choose another)
>Which one uses the least amount of resources?
>Why does the Debian postgresql package require Tcl/Tk, ncurses, X
>libraries, etc.?
>Any advice and/or URLs would be appreciated.
>  Jeremy C. Reed

Never used Postgresql, so cannot comment about it.  I like MySQL a lot
though.   The online docs are excellent and the user mailing list is
friendly and helpful.  And of course MySQL integrates nicely w/ Apache and
PHP3.  Also, Postfix supports MySQL based user tables.  Same with ProFTP
(if they ever get the security issues ironed out...)  I don't know if the
same can be said for postgresql.  For MySQL info you should visit
http://www.mysql.com if you've not already.

Ciao-- Ken

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