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Re: Round Robin DNS

My experiences indicate that the RR is actually implented at the local
nameserver for a lookup, let me make myself clear.

When I was dealing with an old rs6000 a few years back, all machines that
used it as the nameserver (refered to in resolv.conf) would always get the
first record, regardless of the version of bind running on the
authoritive server.  

My experience with bind8 (from potato) is as follows. 

The first query will bring the first record, and it then cycles through.
It would probally be better if it used a random starting point, but it

Now as for tricks to get it to work, I don't know of any, because it
works.  For a test as to proper setup host should return all the entries,
and then if you ping it should cycle through them.  

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 tps@major.pita.org wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 09:29:53PM +0200, burzum@horyzont.com.pl wrote:
> > I am not sure, but as far as i know RR does not depend or kernel, or dist,
> > but on Bind version. What kind of problems do you have ?
> I have the RRs set up according to the book, but bind8 always spits back
> the 1st address.
> Tim
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