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Re: How to compile the debian php3 package with mysql support

Why don't you just install the php3 debian packages?
Then, edit the php3 configuration file, /etc/php3/apache/php3.ini?

Much easier.  My SQL is already supported, except for the line to
be added in the init file.
extension = mysql.so


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On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, WFT wrote:

> Hi List
> Could any of you guys be kind enough to tell me how to configure the debian
> php3 package to include mysql support.
> I have already downloaded the php files
> php3_3.0.5-3.diff.gz
> php3_3.0.5-3.dsc
> php3_3.0.5.orig.tar.gz.
> I need the command to enable mysql support and the compilation  and
> installation commands
> Wilson Tuma
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