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Re: ISDN...... headache :)

Hi "Jersey",

"J.M. \"Jersey\" Miszczyk" wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to configure a PC running Debian "Slink" Linux to be an
> Internet access device. Using "DialD" and standard modem everything is
> working 100%. My headache starts when I try to connect using ISDN Netgear
> XM126S Digital modem. The only things I change are: Initialisation string
> for the modem, login name and the password. Even dial-up number is the
> same.

What kind of ISDN Outogoung Service use your ISP?
Generally  comes used the PPP protocol on ISDN.

> The system simply times out IPCP negotiation :(. But it looks like the
> pasword and login negotiation is successful. I got "welcome" message from
> the remote host, which I do not get when I do not supply the correct
> password in the "pap-secrets" file.
> Did anyone have similar problem?
> Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
> Best regards
> J.M. "Jersey" Miszczyk

In the modem initialization string try force PPP or PPP asynch-to-synch
over ISDN.

Best Regards,
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