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Re: GateD package?

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Raul Miller wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 20, 1999 at 12:38:17PM +1000, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > Is GateD available as a Debian package from anywhere? I can't find any
> > mention of it on the Debian website...
> As I understand it, the authors do not wish us to distribute a debian
> package of gated using our normal distribution methods.  
> In theory you can get a copy from ftp://ftp.gated.cornell.edu/pub/gated
> I'm not sure if there are any issues about compiling it for debian.

I've got it running on five Debian boxes, and I love it.  A few words of

1) The stock install puts the binaries in /etc.  Symbolic links into
/usr/local/sbin should allow use of your stock path.

2) A configuration file is not included.  If doing only OSPF, I've
attached one of mine below.

3) I'm not sure of the exact details or mechanisms, but I've found that
launching gated modifies the localhost route to be a host route, not a
network route (I don't recall the subnet mask on the default localhost
route).  This creates tons of NIS log messages.  Adding "route -net mask dev lo" AFTER your launch of gated (gdc start)
fixed this for me.


rip no {
} ;

ospf yes {
    backbone {
	authtype none ;
	interface eth0 {
	    priority 2 ;
	} ;
	stubhosts { cost 2;
	} ;
    } ;

(Additional information: I build ISPs for a living.  I hate those damn
Win3.x/Mac/Linux machines [no offense] that require a hand-coded DNS
server [or two or three].  On two of my servers, I set up a virtual
interface through interface lo:254 on a 192.168.254.x address.  With the
above config, gated shares these host routes with the rest of my OSPF
domain, and those pesky machines get and as
their DNS servers.  Now, if we ever get different address space, that
whole hassle is eliminated.  Hostnames of fixed-dns1 and fixed-dns2 are
used so that staff doesn't have to blindly remember the IP addresses, and
anyone so computer-savvy that they have to hand-code DNS addresses into
their monster box gets those addresses.  So far it's worked amazing!)


Peter J. Templin, Jr., CCNA
Systems and Networks Administrator

On-Line Internet Services - URDirect.net
A division of Global On-Line Computers
2414 Babcock Rd. Suite 106		templin@urdirect.net
San Antonio, TX 78229			(210)692-9911

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