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DHCPv6 practical support


I'm currently dealing with DHCPv6 configuration on Squeeze, to conduct
pre-migration tests. I see that there is 2 ou 3 DHCPv6 servers (WIDE, ISC and
Dibbler). I tested WIDE client/server and got it working more or less well,
however to seek further tools/knowledge re-use I turned myself to the already
massively in use ISC's DHCP server/client. With this one, I got several issues :

  * I may have missed something, but it looks like there is no "enable IPv6"
option anywhere, and I had to patch the init script.

  * ISC's dhclient with -6 option is "not working", in the way that the debug
mode tells me that it gets the IP and everything, but it does not apply it to the
interface. I don't know yet if I missed something or if it's a bug.

  * I could not find a logical way to configure ipv6 dhcp, with something like
putting "iface eth0 inet6 dhcp" to /etc/network/interfaces

  * Network Manager is not doing very well either (well, this one is not

So, am I doing/expecting things the wrong way ? Is there work in progress on
those issues ? And if I get to patch things, how should I send them upstream ?


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