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Re: New list member and ipv6 over ppp

Terry D. Cudney <terry@snowbirdphones.com> wrote:

Hello Terry,

> Just subscribed to this list and so far see no traffic here.
> Can anyone point me to a tutorial on gettng ipv6 over ppp working?
> So far I have local ipv6 working well  on my lan, have native ipv6
> fromteksavvy arranged, but cannot get ipv6  to initialize on the ppp0
> interface.

It should be pretty easy actually.

Add "ipv6 ," (yes, the comma is important) to the appropriate pppd
config file (usually /etc/ppp/peers/something). This will enable IPv6CP,
which will negotiate an IPv6 link-local (!) address on your connection
(fe80:something). If you enable debugging you should see the

IPv6CP only takes care of the link-local address. The global address on
the link can be configured in various ways. The ISP can send RA for
SLAAC, but that only works if your dialin box is not a router
(forwarding disabled). The other large scale setup is using DHCPv6,
possibly with DHCPv6-PD (prefix delegation). Most commonly used is still
a static setup.

Do you have address (and/or subnet) statically assigned to you?

Best Regards,

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