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Glibc reordering of IPv6 and IPv4


in the bug reports #580473 and #581552, for atftp and vtun,
respectively, I have tried to bring attention to the fact
that a new resolve ordering between IPv4 and IPv6 is in effect
from Debian testing and onwards.

The consequence is that gethostbyname() breaks every software
that was written with IPv4 as reference: The first entry in a
'struct hostent' need no longer be IPv4. On the contrary, by
default it will be IPv6 on any host with IPv6 active.

My question is this: Is the IPv6 Team taking actions and
measurements to investigate or counteract this decline
in functionality. It is not clear to me how many packages
will be affected, but I do fear there might be unexpected
cases to be discovered. A conducted search seems not to be
out of order.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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