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Re: Ipv6 resolution problem

Jérôme NENERT wrote:
> Craig Small a écrit :
>> On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 11:20:02AM +0200, Jérôme NENERT wrote:
>>> I've got a Debian testing with full IPv6 ( no IPv4 ). Kernel 2.6.11.
>>> Ipv6 works perfectly : i ping an IPv6 web server on the internet.
>>> I filled my IPv6 DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf :
>>> _ ping6 www.kame.net => "unknow host"
>>> _ dig or nslookup www.kame.net => www.kame.net is resolved.
>>> Any idea about what's wrong ?
>> ping uses NSS (Name Service Switch) to work out what "databases" to
>> use for resolving, dns being one potiential database.
>> dig and nslookup don't use NSS but directly go to DNS, as they are DNS
>> tools. Also you didn't say what query type you used for them, but I
>> assume you're trying to find the AAAA record.
>> Could the resolver library not be IPv6 aware?  The unknow(sic) problem
>> was a while ago so maybe its an old library?  You could try tracing on
>> the network to see what it is trying to do.
>>  - Craig
> I have another Debian machine with the same lic6 version but a different
> kernel version and it works.
It works for me with ubuntu hoary, stock 2.6.10-5-amd64-generic kernel
and libc 2.3.2.ds1-20ubuntu13. I do ifconfig eth0, have one ipv6
dns server i resolv.conf and ping6 www.kame.net.
What does strace ping6 www.kame.net say?


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