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Re: Debain + Zebra problem

telnet localhost 2605
conf t
router zebra

should do it.

On Wed, 1 May 2002, Frank Santana wrote:
> I have this problem with Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 + GNU Zebra 0.92a:
> I have a debian box with kernel 2.2.20 compiled with ipv6 routing support
> I also have a /40 prefix.
> The main idea for this router box, is or was to route all my /40 clients to
> 6bone, so
> I´m not using a pSLA for this box, just peer conections to clients, using
> addresses from their own prefix.
> I´ve tried to make a BGP4+ conection using zebra to my pTLA (COMPENDIUM-AR)
> wich uses FreeBSD, and to my personal box using Slackware, with same results
> for debian box:
> BGP daemons conects with each other and share their routing table, but this
> table, don´t go to the system, so I can´t see any ipv6 router but my other
> side peer.
> As I am not announcing my router to a LAN, i´m not configuring zebra daemon,
> but just running it for comunicates with the kernel (wich don´t do)
> Have anybody an idea of what i am doing wrong or not doing at all ?
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> Desarrollo de Tecnología de
> Información

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