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Re: Debian-interix installation issues

On Sun, 1 May 2011, Michael Drüing wrote:


I'm having some trouble installing debian-interix. I'm on XP SP3 (32bit, english) with SFU3.5 installed. I also installed all the hotfixes that are listed on the hotfix-page for my config (a whopping 20 hotfixes).

However, when I start "ksh setup", I get segmentation faults during the install:

First I tried as normal user (with "su -" before running setup), then I read about having to log in as Administrator, so I did that and re-ran setup, but I still get exactly the same errors. Any ideas what might be going wrong here?

Did you delete the old stuff before retrying? Quote from install instructions:

* If you have done a previous bootstrap installation and want to
  restart from beginning, make sure to remove or rename the following
files and dirs, so they don't exist when you proceed with the next step:
  - /debootstrap/debootstrap.log
  - /usr/local/man/man
  - /var/cache/apt/
  - /var/lib/apt/
  - /var/lib/dpkg/

Alternatively, the DEP issue could be the problem, see:

This might be solved already with the hotfixes (I currently can't remember exactly), but make sure the hotfixes are active by issuing "uname -a".


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