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Re: Debian Interix chroot?

On Mon, 19 Apr 2010, Sinbios Li wrote:

On 18/04/2010 6:05 AM, Martin Koeppe wrote:

Hi Sin,

On Thu, 15 Apr 2010, Sinbios Li wrote:

Hi, I've been trying out your Debian Interix port but I would like to preserve the Interix environment at the same time. I saw some mentions of a chroot bootstrap mode in the setup scripts and was wondering if you wouldn't mind walking me through the procedure to set up a chrooted Debian environment.

first of all sorry for the late reply. I was busy with other things the last days.

Thanks for your interest in debian-interix. I'll send a copy of this mail to the mailing list for archiving.

To your question: A complete chroot install (without modifying anything outside the chroot) is not supported. I created the chroot options for creating another debian-interix installation on top of an existing one for automated package building.

Such a build chroot only works on Vista and above, because the chroot() syscall is unfortunately broken on older versions,
see http://debian-interix.net/bugs/kernel/#chroot for details.

Another limitation even on Vista and above exists: there is no /proc file system within a chroot which makes some programs fail. And you can't connect to network shares from within the chroot either, because /dev/fs and /net work only in the main system.

I have scripts to set up such a build chroot, but these scripts require several files/programs of debian-interix in the main system to run correctly (debootstrap, apt-get, etc.).

If you don't want to modify anything outside the chroot, you might look at the gentoo prefix. If you just need a backup to return to after testing, you can copy all files of C:\WINDOWS\SUA to a backup dir, and then test install debian-interix. If you need to revert, you can rename the copy. debian-interix doesn't install anything outside of C:\WINDOWS\SUA.

If you want to do a normal debian-interix install and have difficulties with it or if you have a running debian-interix install and want to set up a chroot within it, I'll help you with it.

Hope this helps

Hi Martin,
I've set up a base Debian Interix system, what's the next step? The main reason I wanted to do a chroot was to avoid conflicts with Interop packages.

Hi Sin,

here is my script to setup a chroot environment.
Most of the work is done by debootstrap, only little tweaking is necessary. You need to adapt the script to your environment, however.

#! /bin/sh -e


rm -rf $CHROOT

mkdir -p $CHROOT/bin
mkdir -p $CHROOT/usr/bin
mkdir -p $CHROOT/usr/lib
mkdir -p $CHROOT/usr/sbin
mkdir -p $CHR21OOT/usr/local/bin
mkdir -p $CHROOT/build/$USER
mkdir -p $CHROOT/var/lib/sbuild/srcdep-lock

ln -sf	/bin/true			$CHROOT/usr/sbin/update-rc.d
cp	/bin/kill			$CHROOT/bin/

#hack for vista
cp	/lib/libc.so.3.5		$CHROOT/usr/lib/

KEEP_DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR=true debootstrap \
    --verbose \
    --variant=buildd \
    unreleased35 $CHROOT \
    file:///misc/pub/debian-interix \

cp -f	/usr/bin/getopt			$CHROOT/usr/bin/
cp -f	/etc/apt/sources.list.chroot	$CHROOT/etc/apt/sources.list
cp -f	/etc/apt/preferences		$CHROOT/etc/apt/
cp -f	/etc/resolv.conf		$CHROOT/etc/

cp -f	/usr/lib/libcrypt.a		$CHROOT/usr/lib/
cp -f	/usr/lib/libpthread.a		$CHROOT/usr/lib/
cp -f	/opt/gcc.3.3/include/dlfcn.h	$CHROOT/usr/include/
ln -s	/lib/libdl.so.3.5		$CHROOT/usr/lib/libdl.so

touch					$CHROOT/etc/ld.so.conf
touch					$CHROOT/etc/passwd

chrapt-get update
chrapt-get --yes -f upgrade
# changed --yes below to --force-yes for grep, no more necessary, grep now in unreleased35
chrapt-get --yes install \
	perl-modules/unreleased35 \
	perl \
	dpkg-dev/unreleased35 \
	debhelper/unreleased35 \
	debian-archive-keyring \
	build-essential \
	ms-libc3.5-sfu3.5-dev \
	binutils \
	binutils-sfu3.5 \
	g++ \
	libm-newlib-dev \
	libiconv-dev \
	gettext \
	cdbs \
	texi2html \

# patch texi2html
mv	$t2h $t2h.orig
echo	'#! /usr/bin/perl' > $t2h
cat	$t2h.orig >> $t2h
chmod	0755 $t2h

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