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Re: Openssh shared library problem

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Paul Holcomb wrote:

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 04:19:12PM -0600, Paul Holcomb wrote:
Or you try to put symlinks in /lib/ pointing to the real libc.so.3.5.
As there are no .so files on 64-bit, the names shouldn't clash.
This should be necessary only for the system .so files, as the
debian-interix stuff will get installed into /lib or /usr/lib
automatically (even if that is probably "wrong" on 64-bit).

 Good call on the different library path for 32 bit.  I think the
 symlink answer might be the best.  Perhaps the links could be placed
 in a meta package for 64 bit users?

This works.  I was going to put together a package with these files
in it.  Does naming this package "ia32-binutils-compat" make sense or
maybe "interix-ia32-compat"?

I think "binutils" should not be part of the name. The symlinks are not related to binutils. But maybe my special package ms-libc3.5-dummy should be modified to be aware of x64. This package should have been installed automatically anyway. See:

Also, should I just send you the link to the files off list to make
it onto your server?

Yes, of course. Should be a complete source package.

Do you have any problem with me mirroring the interix distribution?

No. Just let me know the URL of the mirror so I can mention it on the web site.


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