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Re: Interix Question

Hi Prashant,

(I'm cc'ing this to the new mailing list for reference.)

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Prashant Varanasi wrote:

Ah ok, I'm also having an issue with sshd (which I'm quite sure is the
debian version?)

If it is started by init on system startup, then I cannot ssh in.
Looking at the debug logs, it fails on seteuid, saying "Permission
failed". It looks like init is started under the Administrator
username, so it should work fine. What is especially strange is, if I
stop sshd, and then start it using /etc/init.d/ssh start (from su, so
it is using the Administrator account), it works fine!

Is there any differences to the priveleges init runs with on startup, vs su?

what options did you select when you installed the SUA utilities (su-to-root, setuid, case sensitive)? It might be related to su-to-root.


- Prashant

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 7:47 PM, Martin Koeppe wrote:

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Prashant Varanasi wrote:


Just wondering whether you knew what to do about this:

My sshd stops working properly at times, and so I restart it. To
restart it, i logon over RDP, start bash, su (to become administrator)
then restart sshd. This works fine.

However, when I eventaully log out of the RDP connection (eg my
session ends), all the interix processes such as sshd (or even
syslogd) are killed.

Any idea why / what I should do?

Didn't hear about that one, and have no idea about it yet.
Maybe ask that question in the interop forum, Rodney may have an idea.
Make clear that you are using debian-interix on W2K3 64bit.
This problem doesn't seem to be related to debian-interix, i.e. syslogd is
MS stuff, I haven't any yet.


- Prashant

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