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Unscheduled UBC service outage


Due to an issue with the storage system, a number of services hosted at
UBC are currently offline pending further investigation.

A partial list of systems at UBC is included below.


for DSA

hostname: geo2.debian.org
purpose: GeoIP DNS for Debian services

hostname: tchaikovsky.debian.org
purpose: nagios.debian.org - monitoring

hostname: quantz.debian.org
purpose: packages.qa.debian.org - Package Tracking System
purpose: qa.debian.org - quality assurance

hostname: nono.debian.org
purpose: nm.debian.org - new maintainers

hostname: reger.debian.org
purpose: rt.debian.org

hostname: danzi.debian.org
purpose: UBC database host

hostname: tye.debian.org
purpose: i18n.debian.org

hostname: elgar.debian.org
purpose: accounting.debian.org

hostname: gombert.debian.org
purpose: gobby.debian.org

hostname: diabelli.debian.org
purpose: single sign on

hostname: ullmann.debian.org
purpose: udd.debian.org

hostname: buxtehude.debian.org
purpose: bugs-master.debian.org

hostname: sonntag.debian.org
purpose: btslink

hostname: menotti.debian.org
purpose: munin.debian.org - monitoring

hostname: muffat.debian.org
purpose: mail relay

hostname: pejacevic.debian.org
purpose: piuparts.debian.org|piuparts.debian.org master

hostname: coccia.debian.org
purpose: backports web master
purpose: developer accessible archive copy mirror.ftp-master.debian.org

hostname: philp.debian.org
purpose: planet master

hostname: delfin.debian.org
purpose: dedup.debian.net

hostname: wuiet.debian.org
purpose: buildd.debian.org - autobuild master

hostname: donizetti.debian.org
purpose: debdelta.debian.net

hostname: ticharich.debian.org
purpose: tracker.debian.org

hostname: paradis.debian.org
purpose: eu.ssh.debian.org
purpose: na.ssh.debian.org
purpose: ssh.debian.org
purpose: people.debian.org - ~user webpages

hostname: lindsay.debian.org
purpose: lintian.debian.org master

hostname: jerea.debian.org
purpose: jenkins

hostname: mekeel.debian.org
purpose: appstream metadata generation

hostname: pinel.debian.org
purpose: popcon.debian.org

hostname: manziarly.debian.org
purpose: manpages.debian.org

hostname: rachmaninoff.debian.org
purpose: jumphost

hostname: x86-ubc-01.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: gretchaninov.debian.org
purpose: syncproxy2.wna.debian.org - sync proxy
purpose: mirror

hostname: piu-slave-ubc-01.debian.org
purpose: piuparts slave

hostname: hier.debian.org
purpose: historical.packages.debian.org

hostname: godard.debian.org
purpose: salsa.debian.org - Debian git hosting

hostname: debussy.debian.org
purpose: debconf19.debconf.org
purpose: debconf20.debconf.org

hostname: grabbe.debian.org
purpose: alioth-archive.debian.org

hostname: trabaci.debian.org
purpose: ddtp.debian.org

hostname: arm-ubc-01.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: arm-ubc-02.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: arm-ubc-03.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: arm-ubc-04.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: arm-ubc-05.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: arm-ubc-06.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: x86-ubc-02.debian.org
purpose: buildd

hostname: static-master-ubc-01.debian.org
purpose: ubc static master

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