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Debian Sid installation successful on rx6600

Hi all,

just a quick success report:

Yesterday I did a Debian installation on a rx6600 using the latest
installation image available ATM ([1]) and that went through w/o any
real problems using only the defaults in "normal" installation mode.

Congratulations, Adrian! :-)


I was using the system console provided by the built-in iLO MP via
telnet for installation and I only experienced two issues:

1. The installation UI messages are sometimes "overwritten" by
"unaligned access" messages, but a new UI screen or "window" makes them
disappear. Only at the last step where a user is asked for confirmation
to finish the installation, this understandingly can't happen until a
user makes a specific decision. I assume changing to another `screen`
window and changing back could also help if the UI messages are
unreadable because of this.

2. First login via system console after installation and reboot worked
w/o a problem, but logging out and back in I didn't get a prompt after
the MOTD messages. Only after hitting Ctrl+c the prompt appears. This
was reproducible. No such issue when using SSH, so maybe this is an
effect of using the iLO MP system console via telnet.

Both are no problem at all.


Just for the record, my rx6600 has the following firmware revisions:

  *System Firmware A Revision: 4.11 [4842]
      PAL_A: 7.31/1.08
      PAL_B: 1.14
      EFI Spec: 2.00
      EFI Intel Drop: 14.62
      EFI Build: 7.14
      SAL Spec: 3.20
      SAL_A: 2.00
      SAL_B: 4.11
      POSSE: 0.24
      ACPI: 7.00
      SMBIOS: 2.3.2a
   System Firmware B Revision: 4.11 [4842]
   BMC Revision: 5.24
      IPMI: 1.00
   Management Processor Revision: F.02.23
   Updatable EFI Drivers:
      Floating-Point Software Assistance Handler:  00000118
      Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver:            00090404
      SCSI Bus Driver:                             00000031
      SCSI Disk Driver:                            00000020
      SCSI Tape Driver:                            00000030
      Usb Ohci Driver:                             00000040
      USB Bus Driver:                              00000020
      USB Bot Mass Storage Driver:                 00000020
      Generic USB Mass Storage Driver:             00000020

   * Indicates active system firmware image

...has four 9120N Montvales installed with HyperThreading enabled and
uses the zx2 chipset. The installation went onto a SAS HDD.


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