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Re: Bug#948317: gcc-10: Please disable gm2 on ia64


On 1/7/20 12:10 PM, James Clarke wrote:
> I haven't tried building it yet, but suspect it's this:
> src/gcc/m2/gm2-gcc/m2block.c:719:      tree instr = m2decl_BuildStringConstant ("nop", 3);
> src/gcc/m2/gm2-gcc/m2block.c-720-      tree string
> src/gcc/m2/gm2-gcc/m2block.c-721-          = resolve_asm_operand_names (instr, NULL_TREE, NULL_TREE, NULL_TREE);
> src/gcc/m2/gm2-gcc/m2block.c-722-      tree note = build_stmt (pending_location, ASM_EXPR, string, NULL_TREE,
> src/gcc/m2/gm2-gcc/m2block.c-723-                              NULL_TREE, NULL_TREE, NULL_TREE);
> ia64's nop, like s390, is "nop 0", but unlike s390 there is no alias for just
> "nop", you need to give the full instruction. Can we not avoid this and use
> build_empty_stmt instead of creating inline assembly?

Ah, this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for catching this. I guess, I'll
file a bug report upstream then.


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