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Re: debian-installer grub-efi test image

On 4/30/19 4:15 PM, Pedro Miguel Justo wrote:
> Fair enough. This is what I have been doing since forever with ELILO tho. It is very convenient because I can just transfer the package to the EFI partition and remote-start it, all via iLO. Since ELILO is (was) all path-relative, everything works irrespective of where the bundle got extracted to.

Okay, I wasn't aware that you were going this way. Please always include your
individual steps of your installation procedure that I understand what you

> Again it seems as the GRUB version that comes with netinst is incapable of parsing the GPT partition scheme. Once I replaced the EFI executable alone, everything worked and I was able to bootstrap the setup process. I do realize that the reason the original executable may not be parsing the GPT is because it might not be finding the modules present in the grub/ia64-efi folder.

What did you replace the EFI executable with? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

> Meanwhile I also tried the latest CD on my Alpha LX164 and I got stuck very early in setup. It appears as the CMD64x module is not present in the CD Debian-installer. This is the EDI controller on many EV56 motherboards. Without it setup can’t recognize the disk or the cdrom.

Please don't post Alpha-related stuff to the ia64 list. Also, I would like to solve
one problem after another as debugging debian-installer issues with very time-consuming.


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