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Re: IA64 zx2000 boot problems


On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 07:32:09PM +0400, Valery Zaporozhchenko wrote:
>    Hello Eberhard,
>    my zx2000 has a year history of such records, but salinfo says that this
>    is due to machine check which is usually supposed to be a hardware issue.
>    If people here can read hardware logs you may get them with a null-modem
>    cable without booting the system.
>    Valery

Yes, this is likely an MCE (Machine Check Exception)... there should be LEDs
going red somewhere (if the machine resembles other HP-UX boxes) and the
pattern of LEDs would point to a specific fault condition, usually too generic
to be useful in cases like this. This is not only caused by hardware, though -
it can also be caused by software doing lowlevel things that the hardware does
not appreciate. I've had a couple MCEs that were caused by officially
incompatible software that did run, but triggered a nasty in some corner cases.

This behaviour - loading elilo, then crashdump and restart - is the same that I
get when booting debian 7 in HPVM on my zx6000/HPUX. I have a crashdump, but
it's not readable by any tool that I know, unfortunately...


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