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Re: IA64 zx2000 boot problems

OK. Interestingly that in my case the machine can keep a long uptime and crashes mostly when it's booting.

2013/11/25 Eberhard Heuser <eberhard.heuser@chemie.uni-konstanz.de>
Am 25.11.2013 16:32, schrieb Valery Zaporozhchenko:
Hello Eberhard,

my zx2000 has a year history of such records, but salinfo says that this is due to machine check which is usually supposed to be a hardware issue. If people here can read hardware logs you may get them with a null-modem cable without booting the system.


I'm using the serial line and start the machine.

The hardware is OK because another OS reports no error at all if
the system is up for many weeks.

I cannot report a machine check because the crash happens almost immediately after the kernel is loaded.

I'm planning to generate my own kernel to see what's wrong.


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