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Re: IA64 zx2000 boot problems

I don't know how similar zx2000 and c8000 are, but I know for sure
that it doesn't matter if recent HP-UX don't work on zx2000, since HP
drop HP-UX support on zx2000/zx6000 in September 1, 2004 with May 2005
release being the latest supported version [1]. So, not having IDE
support in recent HP-UX doesn't mean that zx2000 has SCSI HDD ;-)

And from zx2000 specs [2], it comes standard with ATA/100 controller,
Ultra160 SCSI controller being an option. So I bet that most zx2000
out there have IDE HDD.


[1] http://www.hp.com/softwarereleases/releases-media2/latest/English.htm
[2] http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/productbulletin.html#!spectype=worldwide&type=html&docid=11665

2013/11/21 Lennert Van Alboom <lennert@vanalboom.org>:
> Unlikely, since recent HP-UX doesn't even have IDE disk support that I know of.
> The zx2000 and C8000 are very similar, and the latter uses 68-pin (non hotplug)
> SCSI disks. VMS isn't very fond of IDE either (it supports them, but at
> slower-than-PIO speeds) and it runs on zx2000.
> Unless you mean a particular machine where someone has connected an IDE disk to
> what usually is reserved for CDROM/DVD, but... :-)

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