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Re: Roll call for porters of architectures in sid and testing (Status update)


ben@decadent.org.uk said:
> > I've also provided a couple of kernel patches in the past. I'm cross
> > testing with Gentoo to ensure that bugs I report are Debian-specific
> > or ia64-generic.
> > 
> > I'll continue testing/software development activity on ia64 for the
> > Jessie cycle, and more generally, until Debian drops ia64. I'm already
> > waiting for Wayland on ia64 and other big updates.
> > 
> > So please, keep ia64 in the bandwagon ;-)
> But I don't think ia64 is well-supported even in wheezy.  The kernel
> doesn't boot on some common machines and no-one seems to be able to fix
> it.

I'm the most recent person to report that bug. Unfortunately I run a sole
ia64 box in a production setting and I only have physical access to it
during business hours (and no management card) which makes experimenting
with kernels difficult.

I would be more than happy to sign up as a porter for ia64 however I would
need to obtain more hardware. HP rx1620s can be had on eBay for $100 but
they are located in California and shipping + customs to Slovakia is not
worth it :-/

If someone is willing to donate hardware, or knows of a cheap source of
ia64 hardware in Europe I'm more than happy to host it here, maintain it,
provide access to developers, and time permitting test and and help
diagnose ia64-specific problems with the base system for the lifetime of
the jessie release.

I am also a long-time Debian user (>10 years, mostly x86/amd64, alpha in
the past, some arm work and ia64 from the time I've had this hardware). I
am not a DD/DM but have experience as a package maintainer via sponsorship
in the past.


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