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Re: Roll call for porters of architectures in sid and testing (Status update)

FWIW, I am a porter of the Alpha architecture in the following ways:

 - run a buildd
 - kernel support
 - work with upstreams for toolchain support
 - general porting work including filing bugs and patches

I doubt if I will continue that for the life cycle of Jessie given that
many of the former faithful seem to be deserting alpha and I don't fancy
being the last one left to turn off the lights.

But possibly of interest is that I seem to be finding myself using arm
based hardware more and more and I anticipate that I might soon be doing
arm porting work.  Whether that is for all or just a subset of arm ports
is yet to be seen.

I am subscribed to the debian-alpha and debian-arm mail lists.

I am not a DD.


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