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state of guile (ia64 build failure in testing,

The version of guile in unstable failed to build on the ia64 buildd. This was reported as a RC bug ( 653939 ) by jcristu but it is not clear if he tried to reproduce it locally or if he based his report soley on the build logs (the build was tried and failed three times on the buildd). Unfortunately I don't have access to an ia64 box so I can't test if it's reproducable myself.

Said bug has received no responses in the two months since it was filed.

Seperately the version of guile in testing FTBFS with an "unused but set variable" warning and -Werror (bug 661327 )

In addition to being rc this is a problem for the armhf port because we could really do with getting guile into armhf testing to reduce our uninstallable packages count.

ia64 porters: is the failure still reproducable in unstable? If so is it also reproducable when attempting to build the unsable package in a testing environment? guile maintainers: do you know what the testsuite failure means and how important it is?

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