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Re: Debian ia64 on hp zx6000 xorg hang on start randomly

Mmmh, strange.

I'm also running a hp workstation zx6000 with AGP FireGL X1 256p
graphics adapter.

X "normally" locks up when you're running OpenGL. In this case,
forcing AGP to PCI mode might help.

But if your system freezes with simple desktop rendering, there's
something else. Did you install r300 firmware? It's in
firmware-linux-nonfree package and is required for KMS to work
correctly on my system.

Is X frozen or does it simply fail to start? Any reported error in
/var/log/Xorg.0.log? With current Debian Testing, you don't need
xorg.conf at all, autoprobing works for me and, as such, prevents from
incorrect settings in xorg.conf.


Le 11 janvier 2012 00:48, Aichinger Andreas <nettux@arcor.de> a écrit :
> Option "ForcePCIMode" "yes" or Option "BusType" "PCI" solve this problem
> hint. to get faster X login and better performance update too the latest
> video bios for firegl x1 or z1.
> there is a efi based update utility on hp's side
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