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HP ZX6000 & Debian "testing"


I just got an HP ZX6000, and I'm very pleased with how quickly Debian "squeeze" installed on it. I have Debian "testing" running on SPARC as well, and I figured I'd go ahead and move the ia64 system to testing. When I did however, the system became unbootable. It uncompressed the kernel and initrd, and then just stopped. I figured I must have done something dumb, so I wiped the disk, redid the installation and made sure I had the firmware (required for radeon and tigon3 drivers apparently). It still failed to boot in the same way. It seems there may be a problem with the linux-kernel-3.1.0-mckinley package, because the kernel itself doesn't even output a single message before it dies. Anyone run into a similar issue? I wouldn't mind filing a bug, but I don't know how to get a backtrace this early in the boot process.


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