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Re: Debian install on an ia64, HP Pavilion dv6t-1000

mike morrison wrote:
I'm trying to install "Lenny" onto an HP Pavilion dv6t-1000 CTO Entertainment notebook PC, P/N NB636AV with: System board ID, 3627; Intel Itanium Core 2 Duo CPU, P8600 @2GHz; BIOS version F.22.

I've tried every CD-based installation available, ending with professionally produced DVD's; no joy!  The BIOS/CMOS recognizes the DVD in the drive, but absolutely refuses to boot from it.  Instead, the screen clears, the cursor performs a newline, then, nothing; the PC hangs.  Apparently, the BIOS is the problem.

I've asked HP for help and they've flat out refused to support the effort.

Next, I'll try network installation and Linux within Windows.  But, I'd rather a straight boot -- anybody got any suggestions?

Friend, you do not have an itanium/ia64 system, you have an amd64/x86-64/em64t system. You've got the wrong CD image for your computer. From http://www.debian.org/ports/ :

IA-64 (ia64)

First officially released with Debian 3.0. This is a port to Intel's first 64-bit architecture. Note: this should not be confused with the latest Intel 64-bit extensions for Pentium 4 and Celeron processors, called EM64T; for these, see the AMD64 port.


AMD64 (amd64)

First officially released with Debian 4.0. Port to the 64 bit AMD64 processors. The goal is to support both 32bit- and 64bit-userland on this architecture. This port supports AMD's 64-bit Opteron, Athlon and Sempron processors, and Intel's processors with EM64T support, including the Pentium D and various Xeon and Core2 series.

Good luck.
Brian Szymanski

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