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Re: Debian on SGI Altix IA-64

On Thursday 21 December 2006 17:07, dann frazier wrote:

> Can you send me a diff between the current sid 2.6.18 config and what
> you need to get the various modules (ioc4.ko, etc)?

I will as soon as I get back to work after the holidays (and have access to 
the Altix). But I think the only things needed are:

(for the d-i kernel)

(for the kernel that will be installed)

> Also, the link to the 91altix file is broken - is that only for
> untarring your modules? If so, then I guess its moot.

Sorry for the broken link - should work now. In fact, 91altix is a copy of 
90console that is modified to use ttySG0 - the device for the SGI console in 
the recent kernels (and the script also untar the modules). In the 90console 
script, the test used is 'readlink /proc/self/fd/0', that 
returns '/dev/console' on the Altix. So the 90console script dosen't do 
console related stuff on the Altix and that is one of the reason I created 
91altix (should probably be integrated in 90console).

> Why do you need to comment out the makedev lines?

Also a console related problem. The real problem is with the '/dev/tts/...' 
line. When not commented out, I lose the console (stop displaying) when init 
is lauched. From what I remember, the 'makedev' is done before udev is 
started and udev then gives a warning about '/dev/tts/0' that is already 
created. So commenting out the line let udev create the correct '/dev/tts/0' 
device. I will have to take a closer look at this when back to work.


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