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who has a itanium 1 machine and 10 minutes of time?


i write this, because i need some special help from someone who has a itanium
1 computer. (hp i2000, fujitsu celsius 880, ibm zpro 6894, ...).
i have such a (almost complete) computer. the only thing that is missing is
the power cable(s) from the power supply to the power pod(s) on the cpu(s).
since this is a simple cable with standard connectors i can fix that problem
myself, but i need a little bit of help for that.
the connector on the power supply has 6 pins and the one on the power pod has
only 4 pins, some of the wires are connected on the cable between the
connectors and that's what i need to know, WHICH ones i have to connect.
anybody who reads this and has such a machine would do me a huge favor if
(s)he could tell me about this cable.
to make that a little bit easier i already made a simple <a
href="";>drawing</a> of the connectors with numbers, so
that the answer to my question is easy to give.

thanks in advance for your support and
kind regards

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