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Re: dist-upgrade ?

On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 06:54:36AM +0200, Philipp Flesch wrote:
> Our tests before with newer kernels via apt-get failed concerning
> the stability of the whole system.

I would suggest most people are running 2.6 kernels; certainly we use
them here and don't have any stability issues.
> We are running all our X86 server with debian unstable, but is that a  
> good idea using unstable on the ia64 plattform?

If you're constantly upgrading unstable, then it can be a bit, well,
unstable.  However generally I tend to get start out with an unstable
system that works, and then just upgrade individual packages as
necessary; this limits the size of changes and in the rare case of
problems really narrows down where to start looking (e.g. keep away
from dist-upgrade).

> What about the kernel? Is there a clean and stable working kernel  
> available for our RX2600 (single processor version) or should we keep  
> the old from HP?

Any of the recent 2.6 kernels should work fine on that machine.


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