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Re: ia64: fails to boot: 'elilo' not found/not supported

hi meric,

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 10:48:44AM +0200, meric Maschino wrote:
> But ia64 != 64-bit Xeon (also referred as AMD64, x86-64, EM64T). ia64 is
> for Itanium, a pure 64-bit CPU. 64-bit Xeon is indeed a 32-bit CPU with
> 64-bit extensions. You probably want Debian i386. Maybe there's an
> AMD64/x86-64/EM64T port.

yes, i just noticed that. Seems like i confused things a bit, first time
i have to do with 64 bit Intel-wise. The x86 installation works as
expected, im going to try amd64 too.

    - michael

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