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ia64: fails to boot: 'elilo' not found/not supported


i failed to install a ia64 System with both sarge and weekly cd Images.
The System in question is an Futjitsu Siemens RX600 S2. Booting from the
CDROM did not work so i tried booting from the EFI shell, which did not
work either.

Switching the efi shell to the right device shows me elilo.efi on ls,
the command 'elilo' ends up with:

 'elilo' not found

using load to directly load the elilo.efi image tells me:

 "load: LoadImage fs0:\elilo.efi error - Unsupported

so, whats the problem here? Is this Machine running a too recent, not
yet supported EFI (BIOS Version is SHW40.86B.P.08.01.0055)?  

    - michael

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