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D-I Beta 3 preparation - please update 2.6.16 kernel udebs

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The latest upload of linux-2.6.16 is now (after today's mirror sync) 
available for all architectures except arm.

As there were important changes, we should rebuild the kernel udebs 
against 2.6.16-17 before starting the builds of debian-installer for the 
Beta 3 release.
Please do so as soon as possible for your architecture [1].

The preparations for Beta 3 will start as soon as 2.6.16 has migrated to 
testing which will hopefully be within a couple of days. As the meta 
packages are already in t-p-u, chances are very good this will finally 
Shortly after the kernel migration I will also post a more detailed 
timeline for the release to the d-boot list.

If you would like to make changes in debian-cd for Beta3 (for example 
because 2.4 support was dropped for your arch), doing so shortly after 
publication of the timeline would be the best time.


[1] I will take care of i386, hppa, sparc and s390 myself.

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