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Re: Kernel panic after kernel update.

On Mon July 3 2006 18:44, Spundun Bhatt wrote:
> By the way, thanks Покотиленко and David for their responses, they
> helped me go further.
> Покотиленко Костик wrote:
> > I have seem this problem on non-ia64 system.
> >
> > First, check which root partition the kernel is said to use (root=
> > kernel option).
> >
> > Then watch the boot process and check how your boot HDD is being
> > recognized. The most common case is when you try to boot from
> > root=/dev/hda1, but your HDD is being recognized as, say, /dev/hde1.
> Update,
> I changed the /efi/efi/debian/elilo.conf file and opted to boot using
> the older kernel configuration.... (LinuxOld) and it booted using
> 2.6.12-1 kernel. But I am still in a hole...
> With this kernel the udev initialization fails.... which means it doesnt
> detect my usb mouse and keyboard anymore...
> Now is probably the right time to tell you guys this part of the story...
> All this started on friday when there was a conflict between udev and
> hotplug in my debian installation and I asked synaptic to upgrade those
> to resolve conflict,
> At the time of upgrading udev it said that make sure you have linux
> 2.6,15 installed and then reboot asap because this udev only works with
> 2.6.15 and up. So after installing udev I upgraded the package
> kernel-image-2.6-mckinley 2.6.15-1, assuming that I upgraded the kernel,
> I rebooted, it turned out that my linux was still booting the old
> kernel, so my keyboard didnt work... I connected through network and
> tried to figureout if I missed any other package, then I upgraded the
> package linux-image-2.6.15-1-mckinley ... and this time when I rebooted
> it seemed to try to boot with the new kernel and get a kernel panic.
> So I upgraded the following packages in that order
> udev
> kernel-image-2.6-mckinley 2.6.15-1
> and
> linux-image-2.6.15-1-mckinley
> (can someone tell me whats the difference betn kernel-image and
> linux-image?).
> I have a feeling that the fact that I installed them in that order is
> whats made my system skrewed up. Maybe I needed linux-image installed
> before I even installed udev. Maybe thats why udev failed to configure
> the kernel properly, maybe thats why that kernel can't find the hard
> disk on boot?
> Or maybe I needed to install linux-image before kernel-image ... I donno...
> I thought I will try to reconfigure udev, hoping that it will fix the
> problem. but when I run
> dpkg-reconfigure udev
> I get the following error
> /boot/initrd.img-2.6.12-1-mckinley has been altered.  Cannot update.
> So right now I am booted with 2.6.12 with keyboard and mouse not
> working, and can't get udev or the 2.6.15 kernel to work,
This begins to sound a lot like a problem I had. Due to a hardware glitch,
I lost all the data on my disk and had to re-install. I wanted to install
testing but I couldn't get a net-install that worked. So I installed
stable and then did an upgrade. The upgrade hung in the middle because
I was still running the kernel 2,6,8 installed by stable. The error message 
indicated that I needed to install at least kernel 2.6.12 but I couldn't do 
that because I couldn't get past the upgrade error. in the end, I went back 
and re-installed stable, then installed kernel 2.6.12, then did the upgrade.
I noticed that the 2.6.12 kernel was refered to as "transitional" which
was the critical clue.
Richard Harke

> Can anyone show me a way out of this maze?
> Thanks
> Spundun
> > On my system I have two IDE controllers and sometimes their recognition
> > order is being changed.
> >
> > I have PATA HDD attached to ICH7 controller and DVD-RW to ITE8211. So,
> > in normal case I have /dev/hde for my HDD and /dev/hda for DVD-RW. But
> > sometimes ICH7 driver is being loaded before ITE8211, and I get them
> > switched: /dev/hda for HDD and /dev/hde for DVD-RW, and I get the same
> > error as you.
> >
> > В Вск, 02/07/2006 в 10:14 -0700, Spundun Bhatt пишет:
> >> Can someone please respond to my question over here? This *is* the right
> >> forum, isn't it?
> >>
> >> Spundun Bhatt wrote:
> >>> Hi debian-ia64.
> >>>
> >>> I updated the kernel on my debian linux testing from
> >>> linux-image-2.6.12-1-mckinley to linux-image-2.6.15-1-mckinley .
> >>>
> >>> When I rebooted, I got the error saying the following (very early in
> >>> the boot).
> >>>
> >>> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> >>> Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
> >>> unknown-block (0,0)
> >>>
> >>> I suspect that the new kernel bootloader configuration is pointing to a
> >>> non-existing location for root partition...
> >>>
> >>> Can anyone guide me as to how to debug this problem?
> >>> Also is there any literature available that will help me understand how
> >>> linux boot loader works on debian on ia64? I mean what are the packages
> >>> responsible for installing the bootloaders and where can I find the
> >>> configuration so that I can check whether its right or not, etc?
> >>>
> >>> Thanks a lot
> >>>
> >>> Spundun

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