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Re: HP i2000 IA64 install experience w/3.1 testing

Hello Hurf,

On Monday 01 May 2006 17:09, Hurf Sheldon wrote:
> >> How to solve "locale issues "  (After some manual surfing & trial &
> >> error): Created /etc/locale.gen with 'echo  "en_US UTF-8"
> >
> > Some errors with locales _during_ the installation are expected.
> > However, you should not get any errors after the installation.
> >
> > What language and country did you select exactly at the beginning of
> > the installation?
> US, English and Eastern time. None of these seemed to have been applied
> as we had to
> set date/time/tz by hand (with `date`).

I've managed to reproduce the same problems with locales you had on an 
installation I did today on my Sparc Ultra 10.

That means that the issue is confirmed and, as solving things are a lot 
easier once they can be reproduced, I expect we can fix it soon too.


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