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Re: you may need a firmware upgrade for 2.6.16 kernel

On 03/22/06 12:29, Joey Hess wrote:
> The only links I could find to zx6000 firmware upgrades there were both
> 404's..

For zx6000: 

Going through the web: 

  go to http;//www.hp.com -> click "Software & Driver Downloads" ->
  enter "zx6000" and press submit -> Click "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

  that should get you to here: 


  go down to "Firmware - System" -> click the "Obtain Software" link in
  the second line in the matrix labeled "HP System and BMC Firmware
  Update" and (2.31 26 Aug 2004). 

  You have to click "Agree" to the following terms. 

OR you can just use this direct link:



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