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Re: Ignore all memory ==> Out of memory

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 20:15 -0800, Richard Harke wrote:
> PCDP: v0 at 0x3ff6c000
> efi.trim_top: ignoring 4KB of memory at 0x0 due to granule hole at 0x0
> efi.trim_top: ignoring 636KB of memory at 0x1000 due to granule hole at 0x0
> efi.trim_bottom: ignoring 15360KB of memory at 0x100000 due to granule hole at 
> 0x0
> a few lines later
> bootmem alloc of 536870912 bytes failed!
> kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory
> If I understand this, it has ignored all of memory!!
> I have never seen this before. I did select support for the zx1 chip set
> (Machine is HP ZX2000)

   I sure hope you have more than 16MB of memory in the system.  The
efi.trim_* messages are normal.  The first 16MB of memory is unused in a
system with VGA to prevent address aliasing within that granule
(cacheable and uncacheable ranges w/in the same granule chunk).  The
real problem seems to be something is trying to alloc 512MB with
alloc_bootmem.  That's _way_ too big.  You might try defconfig and see
if you get any further.  By default it already includes all the
typically supported storage controllers, so you might just need to
include your root fs type if using something unusual.


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