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Ignore all memory ==> Out of memory

So I built a new kernel using source tarball from kernel org
I tried to be very careful to include drivers to get /root mounted
without initrd

When I tried to boot I got bizarre error The following is not all
the messages as I have no way to capture them electronically,
just copy off the screen

PCDP: v0 at 0x3ff6c000
efi.trim_top: ignoring 4KB of memory at 0x0 due to granule hole at 0x0
efi.trim_top: ignoring 636KB of memory at 0x1000 due to granule hole at 0x0
efi.trim_bottom: ignoring 15360KB of memory at 0x100000 due to granule hole at 

a few lines later
bootmem alloc of 536870912 bytes failed!
kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory

If I understand this, it has ignored all of memory!!
I have never seen this before. I did select support for the zx1 chip set
(Machine is HP ZX2000)

Any clues?

Richard Harke

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