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Need a DD's help for some IA64 things

Hi all,

I need some help from a developer with some time; Al Stone has been a
great help but I fear he's extremely busy with other work.

The things I want to do are

1] upload new version of libatomic-ops

   This is starting to break things, as the old version FTBFS with new
   gcc versions.  Seeing as things depend on it this has a ripple
   effect.  The new upstream version 1.0 is packaged and ready
   to go, although there is one bug with an autogenerated file which I
   have asked upstream about.

   qprof and libunwind seem to work with this 1.0 release, although I
   haven't tested more than building and a quick test.

2] upload libnuma packages (#283443).  These should be ready to go
   after fixing some requests from ftp-master


3] Help with ltrace (#306862)

   The ltrace maintainer unfortunately seems MIA and isn't responding
   to emails.  There is also a patch for Power in the BTS.  I'd like
   to work with someone sufficiently interested to integrate both of
   these and do a NMU.

4] upload nepim (itp #320397)



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