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Re: NAMD on Sarge?

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 19:26 +0900, Duraid Madina wrote:

> 	I'm not trying to be annoying by asking this, but is there any reason 
> you're not using GROMACS? (If there is, well, I'd file a bug report with 
> the NAMD guys.) If not, you should _seriously_ consider using GROMACS 
> (from CVS) as it now contains hand-written IA64 kernels and will leave 
> NAMD in its dust.

I have already installed GROMACS, but I have one user who is interested
in using NAMD. Besides that, NAMD scales pretty well on a cluster and I
want to take advantage of that.

Btw, how well is the new version 9 of Intel Compilers supported on


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