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Re: hardware specs for 64 bit OS

On Tue, 17 May 2005 16:38:31 -0700
"michael" <michael@etalon.net> wrote:

: Hi,
: I'm looking at upgrading my server hardware and do a complete
: rebuild from scratch from i386 to ia64.
: Are there any good resources on the web to know
: which motherboards and CPU's will run in 64 bit mode?
: So far, I'm just interested in Intel products as that is
: our company standard.
: I've researched a few motherboards and CPU's and found
: the em64t 

ia64 is not em64t.  They are two incompatible CPU types.  em64t is also
known as amd64, and x86_64.  ia64 is more commonly known as Itanium.

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