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hardware specs for 64 bit OS

I'm looking at upgrading my server hardware and do a complete
rebuild from scratch from i386 to ia64.
Are there any good resources on the web to know
which motherboards and CPU's will run in 64 bit mode?

So far, I'm just interested in Intel products as that is
our company standard.

I've researched a few motherboards and CPU's and found
the em64t support in the Pentium4 630,640,650 series or higher, with
an Intel chipset of 915, 925, 955 or higher.
For example:
I was looking at the Gigabyte: GA-8AENXP-D motherboard
and the Intel Pentium 4 650.
The GA-8AENXP-D board says it has a 925xe chipset (the 925xe should support
em64t), and the P4 650 says it has em64t support.
But Gigabyte doesn't say anything particular to em64t on this type of 
So I'm thinking that the BIOS doesn't support em64t, and thus no way to run
IA-64 sarge.
Does this sound about right?


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