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Re: Firefox locale packages still crashing during install

>>>>> On Sat,  2 Apr 2005 02:49:43 +0200, maschino@jouy.inra.fr said:

  Emeric> Hi, Am I the only trying to install mozilla-firefox-locale-*
  Emeric> packages? I'm still getting a segmentation fault from
  Emeric> /usr/sbin/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome during the
  Emeric> configuration of mozilla-firefox-locale-fr-fr for example

I see the same with mozilla-firefox-locale-de-de.  What's strange is
that after rebuilding the debian package and doing the chrome
registration by hand, I worked fine.  I haven't tried anything beyond

  Emeric> Is it specific to IA-64, only affects 64-bit architectures
  Emeric> or is present on all systems?

Well, I thought I'd try installing this package on an x86-64 box
running Debian but the package wouldn't even start to install due
to some dependency problems.


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