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Re: Seg fault in libc6.1

Richard Harke wrote:
On Wednesday 29 December 2004 02:09, Duraid Madina wrote:
Alas, they have stopped supporting this on IA64 for the time being.

Have they stated this or this inferred from the lack of movement by Nvidia?

I have gotten this in writing from an NVidia engineer (who actually dealt with the IA64 driver), so it wasn't a public statement, but it was a statement nevertheless.

What I _infer_ is that HP discontinued the zx series of workstations because of a lack of supported IA64 video drivers: the only difference between the discontinued workstations and the servers (which are very much alive, indeed they've just been upgraded!) is the AGP slot.

I uninstalled the Nvidia driver, then re-installed X with the nv driver
The problem is unchanged.

That sounds about right - the problem really is with your libc (or rather, an interaction between the NV driver and your libc).

How would I go about changing back? Looking thru debian docs, I see
references to downgrading to a different distribution but I didn't
find anything about downgrading a single package.

You can do worse than simply install 'by force' an old version of glibc. To that, all you need to do is download the debs and install. So:

Also, where would I get the deb file?

From the archive!

Is there an archive somewhere?

You bet there is. Check here:


you might want to download and install


You may not need to go back _quite_ so far, but I'm really not sure - haven't had nvidia hardware in an ia64 system for some time now.

As always, playing with libc on a running system can be a bit dangerous, do be a _little_ careful. :)

	Good luck,


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