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Re: status of libunwind patches for ia64

>>>>> On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:55:45 -0800, David Mosberger <davidm@linux.hpl.hp.com> said:

  David> I just checked and with the current packaging, I'm still
  David> getting failures during the libunwind build.

After fixing these problems in libunwind, I can successfully run "make
check" in libunwind:

PASS: test-proc-info
PASS: test-static-link
PASS: test-strerror
PASS: Gtest-bt
PASS: Ltest-bt
PASS: Gtest-exc
PASS: Ltest-exc
PASS: Gtest-init
PASS: Ltest-init
PASS: Gtest-concurrent
PASS: Ltest-concurrent
PASS: Gtest-resume-sig
PASS: Ltest-resume-sig
PASS: Gtest-dyn1
PASS: Ltest-dyn1
PASS: test-async-sig
PASS: test-flush-cache
PASS: test-init-remote
PASS: test-mem
PASS: test-setjmp
PASS: test-ptrace
PASS: Gia64-test-stack
PASS: Lia64-test-stack
PASS: Gia64-test-nat
PASS: Lia64-test-nat
PASS: Gia64-test-rbs
PASS: Lia64-test-rbs
PASS: Gia64-test-readonly
PASS: Lia64-test-readonly
PASS: ia64-test-setjmp
PASS: ia64-test-sig
PASS: run-check-namespace
PASS: run-ptrace-mapper
PASS: run-ptrace-misc
PASS: run-ia64-test-dyn1
All 35 tests passed

That's great!  First time this happens!

So, I think we have two options:

 (1) leave GCC package as it is and make a libunwind v0.98.4 release which
     fixes the above-mentioned problems

 (2) change GCC package to include the libunwind version from the libunwind

I think (1) makes more sense _provided_ that in the not too distant
future, we can fix the packaging such that /lib/libunwind.so.7 is
provided by the libunwind package.  Without that, gdb won't be able to
unwind dynamically generated code and, IIRC, there are additional gcj
failures, which starts to matter, now that gij is being used for
providing Java applet functionality inside ia64 browsers.


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