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Re: interesting libfreetype6 bug

Chuck asked me for a recipe to apply the patch.  I'm no Debian expert,
but here is the hack I was using to patch libfreetype (from memory,
hopefully without too many errors):

 $ apt-get source libfreetype6
 # apt-get build-dep libfreetype6
 $ cd freetype-2.1.7
 $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
    *** hit Ctrl-C once compilation starts ***
 $ touch build-stamp
 $ cd freetype-2.1.7
 $ patch -p1 < fix.diff
 $ cd ..
 $ fakeroot debian/rules binary
 # dpkg -i ../libfreetype6_2.1.7-2.1_ia64.deb

Bdale is probably getting fits over abusing dpkg like this... ;-)

I'm sure someone else can suggest a cleaner & more reliable method.


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