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Booting Debian on HP server rx4610 (Lion) issues

Dear list hello,
I am having really hard time booting an rx4610 box at work.
First, I tried to boot the hp (ia64-lirk-20030806.iso) "enabler" as stated on 
but it hangs up with a message saying "Reboot and Reselect Boot device or 
Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device.". So, I downloaded the debian ia64 
netinstall cd (both daily, and the latest release) and burned it using 
Ahead's Nero Burning Rom in DAO mode. It didnt even print an error message, 
and hung up on something like:

VenHw(Unknown Device:FF)
HP-UX Primary Boot: 0/18/1/2/
VenHw(Unknwo Device:00)
Debain Backup (Right)
Boot option maintenance menu

Use up and down to change option(s). Use Enter to select an option

Legacy Boot called with device type 3
There is a running debian system right now on that box, but the install is 
messed up. It is also backed up on the second disk, as seen above.
I was not present during the current installation, and I dont know how did the 
guys install this one in first place. The boot partition is FAT16.
The debian ia64 port site says that bios 99b should work correctly, what is 
installed there is 'S460AC4A.86B.0117.B.0210310958', which is version 117.
I am a bit far from that server, but is there a possibility that after the hp 
"enabler" gives me the message i should insert the netinst debian cd?

What surprised me the most was, that when I inserted a slackware 9.1 (2.4.22, 
i386) it booted correctly, and I was able to get into the running live system 
of the installation.

Can I boot the netinst from network? If so, how can I do that? Or might there 
be a problematic DVD drive on that system? Is a floppy boot an option, if so, 
where can I find images for it? Do I need to burn it on my linux workstation?


Best regards,

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