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Re: How are ia64 packages built?

>>>>> On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:53:26 +1000, Duraid Madina <duraid@octopus.com.au> said:

  Duraid> Randolph, Matt, Thanks, I get it now. Yes, I'm running the
  Duraid> same kernel, and pretty much the same glibc. Looking through
  Duraid> some packages on buildd, it seems that hardly anything
  Duraid> important is so old as to have escaped GCC 3.3, so perhaps
  Duraid> the performance issues are just a figment of my imagination,
  Duraid> hmm.

In my experience, Debian/ia64 performs about as well as any other
distro (with a 2.6.5 kernel, of course ;-), but then again,
interactive performance is probably not something that receives a lot
of formal testing/benchmarking.  My only data-point is that that _for
me_, desktop performance seems more than adequate (running GNOME2 with
Nvidia and ATI cards).

If something _feels_ sluggish, it's almost certainly not a compiler
optimization issue (not unless a package is compiled without any
optimization at all, which would be truly broken).  A difference in
the window manager, the terminal emulator, or even the X configuration
would be more likely candidates, I think.


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