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Re: Suddenly no X-window

>>>>> On Wed, 31 Mar 2004 13:40:16 -0800, Richard Harke <rharke@earthlink.net> said:

  >> That's exactly the symptoms you'd get if you ran a "wrong-version"
  >> XFree86.

  Richard> But what to do?? Searching debian.org I only find two versions
  Richard> of XFree86, the one I have installed (and which is apparently
  Richard> almost identical to the one I was running) and a somewhat
  Richard> older one. Does there exist an apt-get undo ??

I'm no Debian expert.  I don't know why things don't work for you.  I
am running xfree86 4.3.0-7 at home with the 5336 Nvidia driver and a
Quadro2 card and it's working fine.  We also have a machine here at
work with a Quadro4 and the 5336 driver running Debian/unstable and it
also works.

  Richard> Is libc stable?  I notice than when kreadconfig seg faults
  Richard> it is in libc.

I haven't noticed any recent problems with Debian/testing or
Debian/unstable (apart from the usual linuxthreads vs. NPTL issues).
I don't use KDE though.


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